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About Cult Alliance

In our Alliance we ask little of you but to follow these simple rules, we can have fun, and be fun to hang around as long as these rules are followed.  


Alliance Guidelines

 Poor conduct will not be tolerated. This includes conduct in Outposts. Some activities that do not violate the Arena Net's User Agreement that conveys a poor image of our Alliance includes, but is not limited to:
* Interfering with other players' or Guilds' activities and events. (This includes recruiting from within the Alliance)
* Begging for gold or equipment in public chat or private chat channels.
* No sexual comments or reference to illicit behavior within the Guild or Alliance chats.
* Spamming messages too often and/or in the wrong chat channels.
* Intentionally leaving a group without warning the group members.
* The use of foul and/or demeaning language.(This includes acronyms)

No Alliance member is "required" to give gold or items to another member for free or at a discount. Alliance members are "encouraged" to donate, of their own free will, what they can to help the Guild, the Alliance, and its members. Buying gold is a violation of Arena Net policy and will not be tolerated

There are four(4) basic requirements before a Guild may be invited into the Alliance:
1.)They must agree to abide by the current Alliance rules.
2.)All Leaders and Officers MUST apply to the Alliance website If a registration is deleted, then re-apply 
3.)Alliance members will not recruit members from other Guilds in the Alliance or cause problems within other Guilds.
4.) All Guild Leaders are "required" to post on the Alliance site a minimum of once a week.

Enforcement of the Alliance Rules is every Alliance leader or officers responsibility. Disciplinary actions will be taken ASAP. Guilds who violate the Alliance Guidelines will be removed from the alliance. Any Guild in violation will be given 1 warning. This will be sent directly to the Guild leader by the current Alliance leader. Failure to heed an in-game warning from the Alliance Leader is cause for immediate removal.

We wear our capes with Honor!

No use of "bots" is permitted. **Here's to a strong and prosperous alliance!!** If you have any questions please PM in the game at  Little Wise Owl, Jimmy Quicker or Cissy Leanna, also if you can not contact us there please pm us on the alliance website.

Leader/Officer Alliance Meetings are the first Friday of each month at 10pm EST!




Alliance Principles

Respect – Being considerate and courteous to others, and acknowledging that others may have different opinions, beliefs, and outlooks than your own. We want to ensure a comfortable, relaxed, easy-going, and light-hearted atmosphere.

Honor – Living true to your word, which includes maintaining Guild standards agreed upon when becoming a part of the NICE Alliance, and bringing attention to others in holding standards as well. Fighting each battle to the very end. Always willing to help the newer players when possible. Ever encouraging, never tearing down.

Integrity – Keeping personal and private information about yourself and others out of Guild and Alliance chat.

Loyalty – Showing dedication and giving back to the Guild, whether offering to help others, making efforts to be available for Guild activities, participating on the forums on the website, providing suggestions for Guild activities, standing firm in support of the Guidelines.

Friendship – Making efforts to get to know other members in the Guild to help create a close-knit Guild community, which includes welcoming and greeting other members, conversing and/or joking around in chat, encouraging others.

Teamwork – Helping out other members on quests or missions, offering others to join you. Encouraging others if things are tough or the quest or mission does not go as planned. Guild teams ROCK!

*My thanks to a brother that has shared this with me and allowed me to edit...Rayvn Silverwind, the Leader of POET


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